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Top Tier Tree Service in Orleans, ON

Your trees are the most important part of your landscape. They provide shade, beauty, and comfort for your home. Because they provide so much of the value of your home you want to make sure that you keep them healthy and correctly trimmed. Trees that aren't properly cared for when they're new will never be healthy when they reach maturity, and older trees that don't receive good care will not last as long as they should.

Proper care of trees requires the skill of professional tree surgeons. Our certified personnel know the proper techniques to use for all the types of tree service that Orleans and Ottawa residents need. Here are some of the things that our tree specialist service can do to help with your landscape.



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Tree Pruning

Some trees have enough space around them that they can generally be allowed to grow freely in any direction that Mother Nature takes them. For most homeowners, though, there are at least a few reasons why their trees will need pruning. Many trees need pruning in order to maintain a strong shape. If they're not trimmed correctly, these trees can develop weak areas that will easily shear apart during strong winds, potentially ruining the tree. There may also be obstructions in the area that trees cannot touch. This may include utility lines, buildings, or roads. Your trees may also need to be cut back to make it easier to mow the yard or perform other tasks around the house. 


Topping the list of affordable tree service functions we provide is tree pruning. A tree that has been correctly pruned and trained will grow in such a way that it will have a minimum risk of damaging structures, utility lines, or other trees when severe weather passes through. It will also be healthier and more beautiful.

Tree health is a major part of why we prune. Tree limbs that rub against other limbs can develop open wounds in the bark, allowing insects and diseases to invade. Our staff can identify these at-risk limbs and implement a plan for eliminating them.

Our aborists are trained in tree risk assessment. They can advise you on exactly how to handle any tree situation that you may face in your landscape. When work is necessary, our tree doctors will skillfully and safely complete all the necessary tree trimming tasks to keep your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful.

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Tree Removal


Most of the time, proper pruning will address any problems your tree may have with its surroundings, its strength, or its health. In some cases, trimming is not an option. The tree may be too old, too unhealthy, or too badly damaged to be salvaged by even the best tree surgeon. In those cases, we can help with tree removal.

Safe tree cutting requires much more than a chainsaw and a few ropes. It is just as complex as pruning and trimming, and our staff is up to the job. If you have concerns about a tree, we'll conduct a tree risk assessment to determine whether your best course of action will be to remove the tree or if other steps might be more appropriate.


If our certified arborist determines that the tree cannot be salvaged, we can provide a free estimate for our professional tree removal. And if the situation is urgent, we can provide emergency tree removal to get the problem taken care of as soon as possible. Once the problem tree has been removed, we can help restore your lawn with our tree stump removal service. Larger stumps can be taken out with our stump grinding equipment, keeping you from having to mow around the stump for years and years.

Of course, cutting down a tree is a very dangerous activity. It poses hazards to both people and property. That's why we maintain insurance coverage in case something goes wrong. Our staff will do everything necessary to make your tree removal as safe as possible, but you can find peace of mind in knowing that you're protected no matter what.

Hedge Management

Our services don't have to reach as high as the treetops. Many homes and businesses need help with smaller plants. Good care is especially important for hedges, which are designed to provide a physical division between two different spaces. If they become too large, hedges can interfere with mowing, recreation, or the normal growth of other plants.

Improper trimming can damage the health of hedges. We see plenty of shrubs that have been cut with dull tools, trimmed at the wrong time of year, or trimmed too infrequently, leading to very poor results. Our professional technicians know the best techniques for shrub care. We use quality equipment that's well-maintained and kept sharp. We understand the unique care needs of each species of hedge, which means we'll trim them on the right schedule and

to the right size.

That's where we come in. Our hedge maintenance service will keep yours looking beautiful. We'll set up a care schedule that provides regular hedge trimming to encourage healthy growth and an appropriate shape for your hedges. You'll see a big improvement in their appearance after our hedge barber service gets done with them!

Along with our hedge maintenance service, we also offer hedge removal service. After all, sometimes your landscape just needs to go a new direction. Don't let the size of a hedge keep you from having it taken out. Our crew will expertly remove unwanted hedges and get you started toward a clean, clear space.

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Special Services

If you're not trimming or removing any trees or hedges right now, we may still be able to help you with your landscape. We provide a number of other services that we've briefly mentioned above.

The first is stump removal. We can grind up and eliminate stumps after removing dead or damaged trees from your landscape, but we'll gladly provide that same service for trees that are already gone. Old tree stumps are unsightly, tough to mow around, and can be a harbor for insects like termites. There's no need to put up with that inconvenience any longer. Contact us for a free estimate on removing that ugly stump.

We also provide tree monitoring. Trees take years to establish, so you want to avoid cutting them whenever you can. Our skilled tree experts will keep an eye on your trees as they age, advising you on what steps are necessary to maximize their life span and letting you know when the safest and most practical thing to do will be to cut them down.

Along that same line is our tree risk assessment service. Sometimes the trees that look like trouble don't actually pose a threat, while those that seem harmless could present a real hazard to life and property. We have the expertise to determine which category your tree falls into so that you can focus your time and money on the trees that present the biggest problem.

Good tree care requires skill and experience from a professional tree service under the guidance of a certified arborist. For tree service in Ottawa, we are your best choice. From qualified tree monitoring to tree surgeon services and tree maintenance of all kinds, we're ready to meet your needs for quality tree service. Call us today for a free estimate and let our tree doctor get started on your project right away.

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