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Having healthy, properly maintained trees in your yard provides a variety of benefits. Trees can beautify your property, provide cooling shade during hot months, clean the air and help prevent heart and respiratory diseases. Properly trimmed, pruned and cut trees safely absorb and sequester up to 48 pounds of poisonous, heat-trapping carbon dioxide a year, increases property values by up to 25%, helps save up to 12% on cooling costs, enhances cognitive functioning and improves overall mental health. Plus, healthy trees provide much-needed habitats for birds and other types of wildlife

Well-Maintained Trees Provide Many Benefits

For the trees to safely provide you and your loved ones with their countless benefits, give a variety of precious living creatures the source of food, shelter, mating and nesting places they need, while supporting and enhancing the planet's biodiversity, they must be well-maintained. As certified arborists, we can provide the high-quality, professional, affordable tree service you need to enable the trees in your yard to look great, be healthy and flourish. When you protect the trees, you help to save all the plants and animals that they shelter.

Regular Tree Trimming is Essential

Having your trees trimmed regularly and properly plays an important role in keeping them strong, healthy, attractive and safe. When trees aren't regularly trimmed and pruned, there is a greater risk overgrown and rotted branches will damage overhead electrical wires, cause fires or fall on people, vehicles and structures around them when there is a strong wind, heavy rain or lots of snow and ice. We have well-trained, licensed, bonded and insured tree specialists armed with the right tools and equipment and led by an experienced arborist to properly trim your trees.

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Timing Is Important

It's important to trim your trees at the right time to keep them strong, healthy, beautiful, safe and vibrant. Our professional tree care experts know which trees need to be trimmed in winter, which ones should be trimmed in spring and when dead branches and twigs should be trimmed to allow for new growth. If they aren't trimmed at the right time, older trees tend to rot and attract pests. Our certified tree doctor regularly does tree monitoring and tree risk assessment to determine if old trees must be cut down or if cutting off the pest-infested parts can keep them strong and healthy.

We Are Professional Tree Care Experts

You might be tempted to cut off dead tree limbs and branches yourself. However, doing so can be dangerous for the untrained. Plus, keeping trees healthy requires knowledge of how and when each species should be trimmed and pruned so it can remain healthy and vibrant. Our tree maintenance experts know flowering trees should be clipped within three weeks after they stop blooming to protect their buds so they'll return, Oaks shouldn't be trimmed between April and October, Dogwoods should be pruned in late fall, Maples should be trimmed in summer and other important tree maintenance facts.

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Four Ways To Trim Trees

To keep tree healthy, attractive and safe, we offer customers 4 different options for trimming their trees. They are:

  1. Standard Trimming

  2. Fine Pruning

  3. Hazard Trimming

  4. Crown Reduction Trimming

1. Standard trimming involves heavy cutting that' done to enhance the structure of the trees’ branches.

2. Fine trimming is the removal of small limbs. It's done to improve the appearance of the tree.

3. Hazard trimming is recommended when there are trees on your property that pose safety concerns because they are too close to residential, commercial or industrial properties, electric wires, walkways, roadways or parking lots. This type of trimming typically involves removing branches with a diameter of two inches or more.

4. Crown Reduction trimming usually is the removal of some of the major branches. This is typically recommended when there is significant storm damage, dieback, or branches that are touching or dangerously close to power lines. Up to one-third of the crown of the tree is sometimes removed.

Benefits Of Trimming Trees

If you own a home in Orleans, Ontario or the surrounding area or elsewhere in Ottawa, Ontario and you want to get the most benefits out of the trees on your property, then you should give us a call today. People all over Orleans, Ontario who have had us trim their trees give us rave reviews for these 6 benefits they have enjoyed since we trimmed the trees on their property. Six benefits of our trimming their tree limbs and branches include:

1. Healthier, Safer, Trees

Dangerous dead and dying branches that could potentially harm people or damage property are removed. This reduces the risks associated with further decay and enables the trees to thrive.

2. Improved Overall Tree Structure And Appearance

Broad, weak branches and limbs with weak crotches, or those threatening to cross each other and eventually compete in the crown for space are trimmed off.

3. Increased Exposure To The Sun And Better Air Circulation

This helps both the trees as well as the underlying landscape to be healthier and more vibrant.

4. Larger And Better Quality Fruit Tree Crops

When more sunlight can penetrate into the trees' center it improves the size and quality of fruit tree crops.

5. Stronger, Better Train Newly Planted Trees

Trimming newly planted trees makes them stronger, better trained and enables them to develop the desired shape.

6. Opens up the property and improves the view.

More Than Just Trimming Trees

When you want an Orleans, Ontario area company that offers quality tree service, call us. In addition to trimming trees, we also offer a wide range of other important landscaping services. The primary services we offer include:

a. Tree Pruning
b. Tree Removal
c. Hedge Trimming
d. Stump Grinding

We have earned a reputation for always providing the high quality, affordable, tree service Orleans residents love. If you need your trees trimmed or want any of our other services, simply call us. We will give you a free estimate and schedule
a convenient time for the tree cutting or any other type of professional tree service you need.

Seasonal Trimming Of Trees

As an experienced certified arborist familiar with the needs and growth patterns of the trees commonly found locally, we know the ideal time of year for tree cutting, tree pruning and trimming trees to benefit your trees most. We can trim, prune and remove dead stems, limbs and branches from your trees any time of year you want. However, our arborist can explain why certain tree limbs and tree species are best served if trimmed at specific times of the year. When you call us for tree cutting, tree pruning and tree trimming, you get high quality, affordable tree service and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our certified professional arborists.

The Right Tools, Equipment, Techniques And Methods

When you call us for tree service Orleans residents can rest assured they will get the services of a well-trained, experienced, professional tree doctor with the right tools, equipment, techniques and methods to help their trees flourish. We know the correct way and time to prune, trim, cut and shape your trees to keep them healthy, safe and attractive. Plus, we offer tree monitoring, tree maintenance and tree risk assessment as part of our quality tree service. We are tree specialists committed to providing the excellent tree service Orleans homeowners deserve.

Call (343) 805-0220 today for a free estimate so you can benefit from our top-notch professional tree service.

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