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Hedge Trimming Beautifies Yards in Orleans

Situated on the outskirts of Ottawa, Orleans enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons during the year. Numerous real estate properties in this fashionable Canadian community boast magnificent hedge rows. Hedge maintenance in many cases requires a significant investment of time and energy. Consider selecting a Certified Arborist to furnish essential assistance in managing this type of landscaping. We maintain an affordable hedge service. Our firm excels in helping customers obtain professional hedge services to showcase realty to its best advantage!

Maintain a Stylish Residential Setting

While lovely hedges enhance many stately homes, keeping these plants in a healthy, well-manicured condition sometimes challenges homeowners. How many times do people notice overgrown hedges in Orleans? Even worse, just like other bushes, hedges sometimes sustain damage from insect infestations or plant diseases. Capable hedge specialists understand the vital importance of combining the skills of a hedge barber with those of a hedge doctor. Our ISA certified training in caring for a variety of hedges furnishes our company with a valuable background to perform this line of work.

Why Skilled Hedge Pruning Matters


Regular hedge pruning helps create lovely landscaping around homes and commercial buildings in Orleans! By performing hedge cutting on a regular basis, a quality hedge service helps shape bushes into orderly, uniform rows of interconnecting foliage. Hedges that receive this type of care on a frequent basis appear well-maintained. The trimming process helps control robust growth. It ensures a hedge row resembles a privacy fence or a topiary. Some homeowners plan creative outdoor living areas using these versatile plants. They may add a fun hedge maze to enhance a back yard, or plant a series of small hedges to infuse elements of formal Victorian gardens into outdoor living spaces.

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Our Company Provides Quality Hedge Services

As top-notch arborists, we appreciate the vital importance of finding knowledgeable hedge services in Ontario. We offer comprehensive professional hedge care. Contact our tree service in Orleans to obtain assistance with all aspects of maintaining trendy hedges:

  • Hedge planting;

  • Hedge monitoring; 

  • Hedge health assessment services;

  • Hedge trimming;

  • Hedge removal.

We Help Create Attractive Hedges And Formal Gardens

Our hedge planting services assist our customers in obtaining superb lawns and gardens. Our firm seeks to help customers obtain stunningly beautiful landscaping. We offer assistance in selecting the best varieties of cultivars to obtain specific results. A customer might ask us to install a Privet hedge to supply optimal privacy, or a lilac hedge to enable visitors to savour fragrant blooms in the Spring. The care and attention we invest in planting and training hedges reflects well upon our skilled arborists. We aid customers in choosing the best locations to install hedges, based upon their goals for their real estate.

Consult a Hedge Doctor For Optimal Landscaping Results

Just like trees, the bushes forming hedges remain vulnerable to a variety of outdoor pests and diseases. Our professional hedge service assists customers in evaluating hedge growing conditions accurately. For example, during certain times of the year, we may determine that adding specific amendments to the soil or providing extra mulch would benefit these plants. We exercise our best judgement in recommending plant care services.

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Professional Hedge Care Yields Eye-Catching Results

Imagine how delighted homeowners feel when they obtain excellent landscaping results! Adding a lovely hedge (or hedges) to a yard in Orleans often provides a way to increase the natural beauty of a property, while also obtaining greater privacy. Many households prefer to install hedges rather than fencing. Today, our customers enjoy a wonderful selection of attractive plants for this purpose. Some hedge bushes retain their foliage throughout the year. Quite a few change colour over the course of different seasons. Many also supply fragrant blossoms and berries.

Reasons to Choose Our Tree Service in Orleans For Hedge Maintenance

We take great pride in supplying a high-quality hedge service in Orleans. Ask us to furnish periodic hedge cutting services to maintain hedges in a neat, stylish condition. We frequently serve as a hedge barber, preventing robustly growing bushes from overwhelming the landscaping goals of a property owner. Has maintaining uniformly shaped hedge plants posed a problem? Contact us for experienced assistance. We offer capable hedge monitoring services.

A Certified Arborist Offers Knowledgeable Hedge Services

Indeed, the process of attaining and maintaining our certified status helps us remain current and up-to-date in our understanding of trees and bushes. We strive to assist our clients in developing eye-catching grounds. Knowing how to encourage the growth of lovely hedges plays an important role in this process. Ask our hedge specialists to supply ongoing assistance in maintaining fashionable outdoor living areas (and hedges) in Orleans.

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Obtain an Accurate Hedge Health Assessment


One popular service we offer involves evaluating the health of a customer's hedges. Hedge health impacts the overall appearance of these plants. In some cases, it may prove advisable to perform hedge removal or replacement when insect infestations or plant diseases strike the bushes comprising a hedge. Our arborists serve as hedge doctors, advising customers about the best ways to treat hedge problems. We seek to help maintain excellent hedge health.

Request a Free Estimate

Our company charges competitive prices. As a courtesy, we offer a free estimate before accepting any plant or tree care project. We seek to furnish outstanding assistance to our customers. We offer a complete roster of essential hedge care services.

Schedule an Appointment For Hedge Services in Orleans

Customers seeking a highly-skilled, affordable hedge service in Orleans appreciate our company. Consider selecting us to provide a full spectrum of essential hedge services. We offer excellent assistance in creating attractive, interesting outdoor living spaces. We remain available to serve customers across this community. Contact us online or by telephone to schedule a convenient initial appointment for hedge care with us now!

Call (343) 805-0220 today for a free estimate so you can benefit from our top-notch professional tree service.

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